Pinebox Middle School Feedback Ends Thursday

Published On: January 3, 2023Categories: News, Pinebox Middle School

“Attention students and faculty of Pinebox Middle School…”

Please be aware that this Thursday (January 5th) we will be switching off the lights and closing the doors on the Pinebox Middle School Feedback Form.

This means that if you have found any of the following while perusing the pages of the most recent PDF preview, you have until Thursday to report these issues to us to ensure we get them corrected in the final product:

🗸 Misspellings
🗸 Typos
🗸 Missing Characters or Words
🗸 Incorrect Punctuation
🗸 Awkward Wording
🗸 Incorrect Page Numbers
🗸 Art Covering Text
🗸 Items Appearing on the Wrong Layer
🗸 A Game Value (i.e. Pace, Parry, Toughness, etc.) Listing the Wrong Value

It’s widely known that gremlins (and/or meddling kids) can occasionally make their way into our manuscripts and muck things up. With your help, we’ll deliver a pristine, printed product into your hands in 2023!

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