Pinebox Middle School for Savage Worlds Actual Play

Published On: May 9, 2023Categories: Media, News, Pinebox Middle School

If you’re curious about our exciting new Pinebox Middle School setting for Savage Worlds, head on over to the Gray Studios YouTube channel right now to check out their brand new actual play of Last Rites of the Yellow Woman (one of two terrifying tales included in the Pinebox Middle School GM Screen + Adventures).

Join “the Retrogrades” as they head out into the Big Thicket for a camping trip, but everything is not what it seems…

“I’m trapped. Do you understand? I’m trapped on Tanner’s Hill and the Yellow Woman is awake. Do you see? Do you hear me? Please help me…”

This is a great introduction to Pinebox Middle School, and we look forward to more actual plays from this wonderful group!

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