Pinebox Middle School & the Horror Companion — LIVE on Kickstarter

Published On: October 18, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, Horror Companion for SWADE, News, Pinebox Middle School

Get your FRIGHT on with a diabolical double feature of shocking shenanigans for Savage Worlds in our latest Kickstarter!

First up, it’s off to the home of East Texas University for a whole new perspective on horror with Pinebox Middle School where, no matter what the grownups say, the monsters are REAL!

Pinebox Middle School is meant to evoke the eerie adventures of spooky, kid-centric staples like Stranger Things®, Are You Afraid of the Dark®, and Goosebumps®! Evil is afoot (and sometimes “a claw”), and it’s up to your crew of scrappy tweens to set things right. But this is no nostalgia trip back in time: modern tech and modern problems are all in the mix to complicate the balance between family, school, and unbridled terror!

The Pinebox Middle School core book offers everything you need to create your own starting 6th grader, complete with new Hindrances, Edges, and even a section for Family Generation so you know who you need to con to get a ride to the site of your next ghost hunt.

There are rules included for getting around Pinebox and surrounding Golan County as a kid, navigating the strange unreliability of cell phone signals in rural Texas, using “soft weapons” such as squirt guns and firecrackers to distract and disrupt your opponents, and even for dabbling in the arcane via dangerous but powerful ritual magic.

There’s also an Adventure Generator to help create your own scenarios for the heroes to play through, the Descent into the Inferno Plot Point Campaign® that takes the kids from 6th grade all the way through 8th in the pursuit of a dangerous mastermind and his strange, undead abominations that threaten to unleash an army of horrors on Earth, and a full curriculum of Savage Tales that can be used as part of your own saga, or in conjunction with the Plot Point Campaign® to add more drama to the group’s experience.

Second, you begged, pleaded, and SHRIEKED, and we listened. Get ready to unleash hell on your game tables with the all-new Savage Worlds Horror Companion!

Savage Worlds and horror go together like chainsaws and spurting blood! The Savage Worlds Horror Companion lets you recreate everything from Universal® classic monster movies and EC horror comics to more modern fare like The Walking Dead® and the various works of Stephen King and their many screen adaptations… all in the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system!

This hardcover book updates the original Horror Companion to be completely compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

💀  A gorgeous new layout by fan-favorite Karl Keesler; a beautiful new cover; all-new art by the phenomenal Sigil Team, and more art than ever before!
💀  New Character Options, Edges, and Hindrances. Play monstrous creatures of the night as unlikely heroes.
💀  New and updated gear, like ghost traps, motion trackers, and a host of special weapons like silver, cold iron, and ultraviolet light catered for use against specific monsters!
💀  New narrative Lodges rules, compatible with Headquarters for supers and Keeps for fantasy groups! Build a lair for your team of hunters, upgrade it, and deal with the adventurous complications that come with it!
💀  New Setting Rules emphasize the nature of horror, including new ritual magic, madness, and Conviction for villains!
💀  The creatures have been completely overhauled with new Special Abilities. Monsters from around the world offer unique perils and unexpected weaknesses to keep heroes on their toes. Monsters also come with different variants for more surprises and to help match different kinds of stories.

Run the like the devil over to our Kickstarter page right now to make a pledge for Pinebox Middle School and the Horror Companion!

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