Pinnacle Celebrates Women’s History Month

Published On: March 19, 2024Categories: Events, News

In honor of Women’s History Month here in the U.S., we thought we’d shine the spotlight on a few of the amazing women here at PEG who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help bring you all our amazing Savage Worlds settings and products.

Jodi Black – Chief Operations Officer

Jodi Black handles day to day operations for Pinnacle including shipping negotiation, crowdfunding, and managing our diverse and creative team.

She’s the self-proclaimed “Queen of Crit Fails,” and indeed a disproportionate number of them roll when she’s at the table. The record so far is NINE Crit Fails in a six player convention game lasting four hours, and only the GM pulled the Joker.

Where she never fails, however, is to lead with sensitivity and infectious energy.

Michelle Hensley – Business Administration

Michelle oversees all the bookkeeping, accounts payable, and taxes for Pinnacle. She’s also a reality check on all our wild ideas. When Michelle isn’t trying to rein in Pinnacle’s finances she’s riding herd over Shane and their two sons, Caden and Ronan.

Christine Lapp – Customer Service

Christine Lapp is a lover of dogs, beer, unicorns, and everything table top games! She also enjoys travelling to places that require hiking up hill and mountain trails to see the sights. When not traveling and playing games, she is helping her husband take over the world at Pinnacle partner, Pine Box Entertainment, publishers of Doomtown! If you ever see Christine at a convention, stop and say “hi!” She would love to get a game in.

Sara Martinez – Customer Service

Sara is a mother of two who likes to play, run, and write RPGs in her brief moments of spare time. She came to Savage Worlds through the original Deadlands and has been obsessed ever since. She also likes to dabble in board game design and writing short fiction, so is just an all-around word nerd. Sara lives in the Denver, Colorado area with her husband and kids (and parents) and loves to go to the local conventions.

Jessica Rogers – Developer

Jessica’s been playing RPGs since she was a kid in the ’90s. Ever since, gaming has become a huge part of her life. She enjoys connecting with gamers of all types and believes that there should be a place in gaming for everyone.

She joined the Pinnacle family in August of 2019. Under the team’s wings she’s worked on many projects ranging from One Sheets to larger projects like Deadlands: the Weird West. Some of her favorite projects include 50 Fathoms: Fire and Earth, ETU: Pinebox Perils, and the previously mentioned Deadlands: the Weird West.

Tracy Sizemore – Developer

Tracy Sizemore is a freelance RPG author and developer who has worked for Pinnacle as part of the development team for Pinebox Middle School and Tim Earley’s Appalachian apocalyptic setting, Holler. Tracy is a proud Tucson native. She’s also a singer, music writer, and a huge K-pop fan–which you can ask her about, but only if you’re truly ready to disappear down the rabbit hole!

Pinnacle celebrates all the contributions women have made (and continue to make) to Savage Worlds and tabletop roleplaying games in general!

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