Pirates of the Dominion Available for Beasts & Barbarians

Published On: January 31, 2017Categories: News

GRAmel's Pirates of the Dominions for Beasts & BarbariansWelcome back to the Dominions, me mateys! GRAmel has just published the last* sourcebook for Beasts and Barbarians Golden EditionPirates of the Dominions.

Pirates are a staple of swords and sorcery adventures, and Pirates of the Dominions delivers them to you with the wind at their backs! Find stories ancient and new of sea and sail, freedom and betrayal, gold and curses, and booze and more booze.**

Swipe a ship, strike a flag, and set sail with your own crew of piratical scum, or do your best to rid the seas of a scurvy menace. Either way, check out Pirates of the Dominions today.

* Don’t panic. Beasts and Barbarians Steel Edition is coming soon!

** Pirates are apparently something of a besotted lot.

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