Pranac Pursuit Adventure Released for The Last Parsec!

Published On: March 10, 2015Categories: News

Pranac Pursuit, a Last Parsec Adventure for Savage WorldsThe scout ship Distant Light was last heard from going into the Pranac System. When a whole ship goes missing people get touchy—whether it’s the loss of investment, the loss of the crew, or simple fear of the unknown, everyone has their own reasons.

It’s best if someone finds her, and finds her fast. It’s time for your group of heroes to negotiate with strange aliens, explore a primeval planet, and solve the mystery of the so-called “sages” to find the ship and her missing crew, before it’s too late.

Pranac Pursuit is a 23-page adventure for the Last Parsec written by Sterling Hershey. Don’t leave those poor souls lost in hostile space—play Pranac Pursuit today and be the hero we know you can be!

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