Preorder Flash Gordon Today!

Published On: March 29, 2016Categories: News day you’ve been waiting for is finally here—you can preorder Flash Gordon: The Extra Years for Savage Worlds today! If you’re a fan of PDFs, that means you can download it today!

Join us in a time after what you’ve seen in the movies and comics. It’s a time where the evil Emperor Ming has been reduced back to his childhood, as has the lovely Dale. It falls to our hero Flash to see that they’re both raised safely to be well-balanced adults.

Explore the Isle of Reparations, where Ming and Dale struggle to rehabilitate the worst of the former Emperor’s genetic experiments and find them a place in the natural world. Struggle through the high school drama of our twice-teens as their single father figure fights both to keep up with the children and to save the universe from threats from the present, past, and future!

It’s Flash Gordon as you’ve never seen him before, and you’re in the thick of it! Get your copy today!



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