Deadlands D20: The Way of the Gun


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That’s what you want, isn’t it? To be the fastest gunslinger this side of the Bloody Ol’ Muddy? To have the most deadly gun in the West? To be known in newspapers and dime novels by a nickname like “the Kid” or “Lightning?” To be number one with a bullet?

We know you want it, and like you aim for your opponent’s eyes, we aim to please. So inside Way o’ the Gun you’ll find new eight new prestige classes, new feats for handlin’ your trusty six-gun, weapon maneuvers, and a whole host of new pistols, rifles, shotguns, and even new infernal gizmos to help you blast your opponents all to Hell, and sometimes back! (This is Deadlands, after all, amigo.)

For the Marshal, we’ve got a passel of new relics, statistics for the most famous outlaws and law dogs of the Weird West, and even information on just how the law works out here on the frontier. So strap on you six-gun and loosen up your trigger finger. It’s time to sling some lead, amigo!

Way of the Gun requires Deadlands d20© from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, as well as the Player’s Handbook® and Dungeon Master’s Guide® from Wizards of the Coast.®

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