Deadlands Dime Novel & Adventure: The Forbidden God


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The seventh in our Weird Western Dime Novels finds Ronan Lynch crossing the Great Salt Flats of Utah when he stumbles across an ancient Spanish galleon miles from any ocean.

Written by Tim Brown, creator of TSR’s Dark Sun!

This product requires the Deadlands Classic core rules to play.


Technology has come a long way, friend, since this file was originally created, and it did not translate entirely to PDF. Here’s what you need to know:

Beginning on p. 47: Incomplete Takeover (Jack or Queen of Clubs, Jack or Queen of Spades), Overpower (King of Clubs), Extroverted Bloodlust (King of Spades), Introverted Bloodlust (Ace of Clubs), Call to Arms (Ace of Spades).

Beginning on p. 50: Incomplete Takeover (Jack or Queen of Diamonds, Jack or Queen of Hearts), Fear (King of Diamonds), Reason (King of Hearts), Sacrifice (Ace of Diamonds), Wanton Destruction (Ace of Hearts).


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