Deadlands: Dime Novels – (Preorder)


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A Grim Servant of Death

Hell followed Ronan Lynch wherever he rode. After the Civil War he found himself a wrangler, a bounty hunter, a tracker, and even a law dog. Then he crossed the wrong supernatural cult and found himself dead.

But this is the world of Deadlands. The gunfighter rose the next night, brought back from beyond by an insidious manitou, or demon. The fiend gives its host life in return for occasional mischief and service to its mysterious and far greater masters. Ronan now wanders the West, trying to make up for the evil he’s done while battling the hateful thing inside him for dominion.

This hardcover volume contains the first ten published adventures of the harrowed gunman and his unlikely allies:

Perdition’s Daughter by Shane Lacy Hensley
Independence Day by Matt Forbeck
Night Train by John Goff
Strange Bedfellows by Matt Forbeck
Savage Passage by Matt Forbeck
Ground Zero by Matt Forbeck
The Forbidden God by Timothy Brian Brown
Adios, A-Mi-Go by John Wick
Skinners by Lester Smith
Worms by John Goff

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