Deadlands: The Epitaph #4


Two Guns Blazin’…

That’s what you’ll find in this issue of the Epitaph! We start out with not one but two awesome adventures for Lost Colony that pit your fearless posse against the worst the Reapers have to throw at them!

For Deadlands, we’ve got a massive article and complete maps on the inner-workings of Fort 51. Find out what the Union is building there, and just who the mysterious genius is who runs the place!

Hucksters can also find new rules for calling on certain very powerful manitous – and the price for their infernal aid. Magicians of a darker bent can also find out just what wasn’t included in The Black Circle.

For those who like their dice of the 20-sided variety, we’ve got a complete Deadlands d20 conversion of the character, creatures, and martial arts of the Great Maze boxed set, as well as new rules for D20 that adds Edges, Hindrances, cards, and even a new way to handle damage!

Hell on Earth fans get “Junkers 2.0,” an alternative and faster way of playing the Wasted West’s scavenging creators for those who want less detail but more speed. Librarians also get a host of new abilities by attracting research spirits in “Knowledge is Power.”

Great Rail Wars players can get their boots wet with more complete rules and a passel of sample ships for naval combat on the high seas, the Mighty Miss, or even the flooded canyons of the Great Maze! We wrap things up with a great way to play Deadlands: Range Wars all by your lonesome, with two complete and incredibly challenging scenarios!

All this and updates on all three Deadlands settings awaits your itchy trigger fingers right here in the Deadlands Epitaph #4!


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