Deadlands Great Rail Wars: Derailed! PDF


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Deadlands Great Rail Wars: Derailed!


The West has gotten a whole lot weirder these days. Sure, there are all sort of strange critters haunting the place, and the dead get up more often than you might want, but stranger yet is this thing called ghost rock, the mysterious superfuel that’s the basis of the Great Rail Wars. Ghost rock’s not only more valuable than gold, it’s also what folks use these days to power all sorts of steam-driven vehicles. Derailed! introduces these kinds of rigs to The Great Rail Wars. It’s got full rules on air-, water-, and land-based rigs, plus full descriptions of over half a dozen rigs for use in your games, including the long-awaited rules for trains!

Derailed also comes complete with 16 sheets of full-color sheets featuring plenty of troop cards, upgrade cards, and counters to make integrating rigs into your games as simple as possible. So don’t just stand there. Hop behind that wheel and hit the road!


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