Deadlands Noir Poster Maps: New Orleans & Hexaco


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24×32 inches

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Side One: The Hexaco Corp’s map of North America in the world of Deadlands Noir, between the late 1930s and /50s. Nominated for an ENnie and arcanely crafted by Cheyenne Wright!

Side Two: The Deadlands Noir map of New Orleans, c. 1937, complete with mystical symbols and other strangeness!

Contains a double-sided, erasable, gridded poster map for Deadlands Noir© or any roleplaying or miniatures game.

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1 review for Deadlands Noir Poster Maps: New Orleans & Hexaco

  1. The Geezer

    Sometimes you just need to go big! The dual sided maps allow for events to be plotted into geographical locations with ease, for both players and game masters.
    Whether the investigators are tracking a serial killer through the streets of New Orleans, or tracing the movements of an axis spy, the maps are both easy on the eye and easy to use.

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