Music To Die For (mp3)


Give your Deadlands Noir game a feeling you can't get any other way—set the tone with a full hour of music made especially for Deadlands Noir by Harry Mack.


“The trumpet blasted like it was the end of days. The piano player pounded the ivories like demons were on his scent. And there I stood, caught between a rock, a hard place, and the Devil himself.”
Deadlands Noir: Music To Die For soundtrack contains 9 tracks of delicious, atmospheric and heroic music for your game sessions or your own Hellish enjoyment. For a taste of Deadlands Noir and the sultry tunes herein, search for Deadlands Noir on YouTube and watch the audio drama “Hard Times in the Big Easy.”
1. Deadlands Noir
2. The Grift
3. Night Life
4. Private Dicks
5. Dark Times
6. Patter
7. Metairie
8. The Big Kill
9. Hard Times in the Big Easy


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