Deadlands: The Weird West — Horror at Headstone Hill for FoundryVTT


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Everything you need to play the Horror at Headstone Hill Plot Point Campaign, formatted for FoundryVTT!

Will it Be Your Headstone?

Wild wind hisses through frosty sagebrush. Knife-sharp clouds cross a blazing white moon.

In the quaking aspens that fringe the foothills, a shivering clatter draws the traveler with its siren song.

Danger is everywhere, even in plain view.

Welcome to Wyoming Territory, amigo! It’s a place of wonder and beauty, but it ain’t for the faint of heart.

Horror at Headstone Hill is a sandbox campaign setting, fully detailing this small section of the Weird West. As the heroes unravel the main campaign storyline they’ll find themselves drawn into all manner of exciting adventures in and around Uinta County, Wyoming.

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Module Contents

  • The Full Plot Point Campaign
  • 22 Savage Tales
  • All the original Horror at Headstone Hill artwork and style – to make your journal entries as beautiful as the book
  • Bundled with all the characters you will meet, greet, and draw down on in Uinta County
  • Actors, Journal Entries, and all the goodies – scoped and statted out for making your adventures run smoothly
  • Rollable tables for every table in the book. Cross linked to the results! Never have to look something up again!
  • Scenes all the maps and scenes shown in the book provided at large scale as scenes without all those pesky Marshal’s notes to tip your hand to the posse
  • Integrated entity-linking with Savage Worlds Core rules and Deadlands Core Rules – If you have purchased the Savage Worlds Core rules module, rest easy partner, the rules are all cross referenced for easy access!
  • Deadlands core rules is required for this adventure

PDFs included:

  • Deadlands: The Horror at Headstone Hill Boxed Set (.ZIP)


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