As they say, it’s hell out here in the High Plains.

We’ve worked with Roll20 VTT to secure discounted pricing for all Deadlands: Hell on the High Plains Backers and pre-orders placed during the order manager stage!

Deadlands: Hell on the High Plains, prepared to play on Roll20 premier virtual tabletop platform! Includes the module for the Hell on the High Plains book, Archetypes Set 4, and Pawns Set 2.

Note: Retail price will be $39.99, but you can buy it as an add-on now for 29.99, for a limited time only!

This item requires the Deadlands: the Weird West roleplaying game core book and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules to play.

Please note this item is currently available for PREORDER. You will be notified by email once assets are available.