Archetype Set 4 adds twelve new, Seasoned cowpokes to survive the Weird West in.

The following (seasoned) Archetypes are included in this set:

  • Determined Agent
  • Harrowed Desperado
  • Hexslinging Cardsharp
  • Sister of Mercy
  • Ruthless Gunslinger
  • Confident Houngan
  • Eccentric Tinkerer
  • Sharpshootin’ Bounty Hunter
  • Crafty Huckster
  • Wandering Master
  • Cavalry Officer
  • Rugged Adventurer

Archetype Set 4 may be used with any Deadlands: the Weird West adventure or Plot Point Campaign. This set was specifically created during our Kickstarter campaign for Deadlands: Hell on the High Plains.