East Texas University (ETU): Degrees of Horror





Your boyfriend dumped you.

You’ve got exams first thing in the morning.

And the world’s going to end at midnight unless you stop it.

Looks like another all-nighter with the study group.

Degrees of Horror features a full-length Plot Point Campaign that takes the students from Freshman to Senior, and uncovers a mystery as old as the faculty themselves. The syllabus includes classroom intrigue, dark conspiracy, dusty mysteries from the past, killer exams, massive parties, and new horrors to torment the student body.

Degrees of Horror is a Plot Point Campaign that requires the East Texas University core rules and the Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorers Edition core rules to play. It also includes a full course-load of Savage Tales, which works well with the campaign or even your own epic saga!

This is for older core rules – Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition. Looking for the newest version, Savage Worlds Adventure Edition? Click here!

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