Bonjour Monstres!

Pack your bags students, you’re headed overseas!

East Texas University’s foreign exchange program promises students a chance to see the world, make new friendships, and share experiences they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. In Study Abroad, that last promise takes on a sinister tone as players discover that East Texas University isn’t the only institution in the world that’s plagued with supernatural problems. Grab your passport and a few friends then jet off to sunny Costa Rica, romantic Italy, noble Poland, and charming England! Hey y’all, ETU is flying First Class!

This supplement contains all the information you need to run interesting, authentic stories set in the UK, Poland, Italy, and Costa Rica. Take your students to places they’ve never seen before to experience new cultures, mysteries, and of course… monsters!

East Texas University: Study Abroad is a 96-page hardcover book in our usual “graphic novel” size, with glorious, bloody, full-color art throughout. This book requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules, the East Texas University core rules, and the ETU Conversion Guide to play.