What happens when a computer virus gets a supernatural boost? 

The mysterious Summoner blackmails your fellow classmates abroad. Who is this villain and how will you stop them? 

A Savage Worlds One Sheet™ by Ted Pick

Featuring art by Dimitar Spasov.

Terry Anwar is a fellow American in the Study Abroad program. Although a gifted programmer and computer science major, he has a hard time earning his classmate’s respect.

Raum, a demon dedicated to “dragging down the mighty,” possessed Terry and certainly doesn’t help the situation. The voice in Terry’s head influences his thoughts and actions but rarely takes direct control. To manifest in our world, Raum needed a unique ritual component found in the host country. Terry enrolled in the Study Abroad program to acquire it. When Terry tried to summon Raum, his classmates Jarrod Peralez1 and Simone Zapata interrupted him. Ignorant of Terry’s true intent, the pair thought they caught him in a compromising position. They blackmailed Terry for money, and he hates them for it.


This product requires the Savage Worlds core rules, the East Texas University setting book, and the free download, ETU Conversion for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

It can also be used with our new book, ETU: Study Abroad, on GameOnTabletop now.