Ed’s Midnight Tales collects several issues of the Modern Dispatches written by Ed Wetterman, and converts them to the Savage Worlds system.

Ed’s Midnight Talesbrings Pinebox, Texas to life with several great tales including a trip into the Big Thicket; a party involving beer, chicks, a Ouija board, pretzels and a demon; a new horror icon known as the Soul Gazer; several tales of Holiday Horrors; and a military experiment gone out of control.

In addition to these adventures, Ed’s Midnight Tales includes:

  • 40 plot hooks / GM Ideas
  • 15 new creatures
  • 5 detailed Pinebox NPCs
  • 8 Pinebox news stories
  • And much, much more.

Expand your Pinebox/ETU toolbox with Ed’s Midnight Tales.