A complete party ready in print or PDF! These full-color cardstock sheets include the following fully developed characters GMs can hand out to her players at home, stores, conventions, or the wilds of Mongo!

Flisk the Mongo Dwarf
Jaqamobah the Giant
Ryla the Hawkman
Captain Artie Scott the Earthling
Themba the Lion Man
Yithanir the Lizard Man
Sergeant Velgis of Mongo
MC-43-701” aka “Rocky” the Robot
Pranasha the Shark Man

(Note that all characters can be played as either gender and are presented as an equal mix here. Alex Raymond’s various races tend to end with “man” regardless of actual gender.)

This product requires the Flash Gordon™ RPG and Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition core rules to play.

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