Welcome back, brave space travelers, to the Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game!

Within these pages are two linked adventures set on Exila and Lunita, the two moons (or at least the two most famous moons) of Mongo. Along with these adventures, there’s also plenty of material included to allow you to explore these moons on your own, as well as a few new formidable foes and malefic monsters to fight.

Track down a kidnapped spy on Exila or survive a freak electromagnetic storm over Lunita!


This 32-page sourcebook provides GMs all the information they need to run games on Mongo’s twin moons of Exila and Lunita. Inside you’ll find Background information, maps, stats for new items, enemies, and two full-length adventures.

Please note that this is for the PDF, only. The physical book can be obtained by purchasing the Legends of Mongo Booster Box. This product requires the Flash Gordon™ RPG and Savage Worlds core rules to play.

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