The last of our awesome full-color Cardstock Cowboys never made it to print, but you can get it now in this 8-page full color set. And since you print it yourself, now you can make as many villains as you want for your Hell on Earth campaign! This awesome hi-resolution set features a passel of Black Hats, plus motorcycles, tanks, APCs, Recyclers, and even Raptors!

(8-page Full Color Cardboard Miniatures)

Characters include:

  • 15 Black Hats
  • 5 Black Hat bikers dismounted, 5
  • Black Hats on motorcycles
  • Two Combine snipers
  • Eight Red Hats
  • Eight Green Hats
  • Six Automatons
  • Six Combine Vehicles
  • Two Recyclers
  • 16 Chop Bots
  • Two Raptors
  • One Hover Tank