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Holler is a roleplaying game of adventure, rebellion, fairy tale, and gothic horror in Appalachia.

Here’s your Foundry Virtual Tabletop conversion of Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse for Savage Worlds!

It contains:

  • All Holler Edges & Hindrances
  • All Holler Arcane Backgrounds
  • Rules for the ever-present Blight
  • A passel of strange critters including the Mothman, the Sheepsquatch, and the nefarious Big Boys themselves
  • Dozens of locations such as Mount Everlasting, Devil’s Den, and Fairy Flats
  • A fully-fleshed-out Adventure Generator
  • A wild ride of a Plot Point Campaign called Blasted Beauty
  • All information from the core rule book
  • Tokens
  • Bennies AND
  • Archetypes

In Holler, the mysterious “Big Boys” own the mines, mills, and logging operations. They rule over every aspect of their workers’ lives—subjecting them to extraordinary dangers on the job and crushing oppression outside of it. The Big Boys have transformed the land of the Holler—rivers bubble with strange chemicals, strip-mined mountains crumble into valleys, and the air is choked with a toxic fog known as the Blight. The flora and fauna of the Holler grow more monstrous by the day. Demons of every description lurk in the forests. Mutant cryptids haunt villages with their strange cries and appetites. Vengeful haints leer from abandoned shacks and lonely cliffs. No one is coming to save the people of Holler.

They’ve got to take matters into their own hard-worked hands. It’ll take miners, granny women, gougers, moonshiners, bluegrass pickers, and holy rollers willing to fight and die to protect their culture, customs, and families. Folks who have the bravery to stare straight into the abyss and spit in its eye.

The goal of the resistance is to build a coalition, to bring together diverse factions—humble workers, roustabouts, mountain men, dirt track racers, cultists, and even strange creatures of myth and legend to raze the works of the Big Boys and drive them from the Holler forever. Holler draws deeply on Appalachian history, mythic folklore, and culture to create a dark fantasy world of apocalypse and vengeance set in gothic locales such as Corn Cob Gap, Cussfoot Fens, Ghost Ridge Mountains, Great Craggy Mountains, Faefall, Hogback Hills, Piney Dirge Plateau, Sootstone Mountains, and the Stygian Mountains.

This item requires Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Foundry VTT core rules to play.

PDFs Included:

  • Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse – Core Book
  • Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse – Archetype Cards
  • Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse – Poster Map/Strategic Map of Ashdown


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