This screen features stunning artwork and protects the GM’s secrets from players’ prying eyes. It also includes a 32-page adventure book, which includes two separate adventures serving either as stand-alone introductions to the Holler, or interludes you can incorporate into the Holler Blasted Beauty Plot Point Campaign. ”Winter’s a’ Comin’” by Darrell Hayhurst and “The Savior of Hollow Oak” by Tracy Sizemore run the gamut from stories of watery haints, to gritty mystery, to heartfelt heroism. Each offers a glimpse into the tough but passionate world of Holler along with introductions to some of its most dangerous, and endearing residents.

** For digital purchases, only – The GM Screen Inserts PDF and the Adventure PDF are sold separately, as well as together in a digital bundle. Please read the selections carefully before purchasing. **

This item requires the Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse for Savage Worlds roleplaying game core book and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules to play.