Horror Companion Archetype Card Box (SWADE) – Preorder


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36 full-color archetype cards in a sturdy storage box. Each 3.5″x5″ card features a ready-to-play character, ideal for convention games, pick-up games, or store play.

Modern Horror Archetypes

• Survivor, Nerd, Jock, Ghost Hunter, Exorcist, Psychic, Gamer, Party Animal, Witch, Runner, Occultist, Doctor

Pulp Horror Archetypes

• Explorer, Soldier, Gumshoe, Socialite, Magician, Librarian

Gaslight Horror Archetypes

• Constable, Journalist, Aristocrat, Burglar, Sailor, Mambo

Monstrous Archetypes

• Angel, Demon, Mummy, Patchwork Man, Phantom, Revenant, Vampire, Werewolf, Demonologist, Slayer, Nemesis, Swamp Freak

To be used with the Horror Companion and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules.

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