Jerry’s Midnight Tales collects issues 26, 30, and 34 of Modern Dispatch and converts them to the Savage Worlds system. These issues represent the Rising South plot point arc written by Jerry Blakemore.

Jerry’s Midnight Tales brings Pinebox, Texas to life with a trio of short encounters against a small-town racist organization, the Texas National Militia. The first encounter, On the Steps of City Hall, violently introduces the heroes to life in Pinebox. In the following encounter, Mob Rules, a little rest and relaxation gets out of hand at one of Pinebox’s favorite hangouts. The series closes with Party Crashers, in which the conflicting powers behind Rising South collide.

In addition to the adventure outlines, Jerry’s Midnight Tales includes:

  • Profiles on two new Pinebox locations
  • Six maps
  • Profiles on four new Pinebox personalities
  • One new organization—the Texas National Militia
  • One new creature—Blood Demon
  • Thirty Rising South-related adventure seeds
  • Mob Rules—combat rules for mobs
  • Five pages of bonus Pinebox News, including 20 additional adventure seeds
  • 37 pages of content
  • Two PDFs: fully illustrated and bookmarked edition, plus printer-friendly edition