How far is it from the Marsh Gate to the far end of the Street of the Gods? One side of this versatile map offers a detailed view of the city of Lankhmar itself, center of the world of Nehwon and the best place to launch your Lankhmar game. Whether your heroes take in the Plaza of Dark Delights or start a brawl in the docks, this map gets the action going!

The other side of this map features the world of Nehwon as Leiber described it, from the lands of the East to the Steppes of the Mingols, from the Inner Sea to the Parched Mountains. Sail to Rime Isle, or trek across the Sunken Lands to Ilthmar–there’s no end to the adventure!

This sturdy double-sided poster map (24” x 30”) is for Lankhmar: City of ThievesSavage Worlds, or any roleplaying or miniatures game. It has a coating that is wet, dry, and permanent marker erasable.

PDF maps of Lankhmar and Nehwon are included.