More than just archetype cards, these six full sheets contain each iconic Warden’s story and descriptions for their powers. The Plot Point campaign and Savage Tales have specific hooks to weave these characters into the story. The set also includes Emotion Cards with quick references for all of the powers granted by a Ghost Warden’s mastery of various emotions, plus handy Power Cards that match the powers on the archetype cards.

Archetypes (+ Power Cards):

  • Fire Hand Zhou (+ Bolt, Burst, Elemental Manipulation, Healing, Protection)
  • Flying Fox Tan
  • Keep Away Lin
  • Rat Chopper Yang
  • Wavering Blade Wu (+ Boost Trait, Smite, Speed)
  • Orphan Ding

Emotion Cards:

  • Rules Card
  • Joy
  • Sorrow
  • Anger
  • Disgust
  • Fear

This item requires the Legend of Ghost Mountain roleplaying game core book and the Savage Worlds core rules to play.