The Legend of Ghost Mountain brings wuxia action and fantastic monsters to your Savage Worlds games. Includes six sheets of creatures and characters, beautiful full-color art front and back, on 1.5mm punchboard form cut to match the figure’s silhouette. Easy to transport, hundreds of figures, and no painting needed. Bring on the epic tactical action!

This set of pawns contains more than 50 unique characters and adversaries and more than 150 miniatures in total, complete with cardstock stands.

1. Rat Chopper Yang
2. Wavering Blade Wu
3. Keep Away Lin
4. Flying Fox Tan
5. Fire Maiden Zhou
6. Demon Smasher Ming
7. Also Dauntless Mao
8. Commander Steadfast
9. General Hong
10. Fire Wizard
11. Fire Maiden
12. Madame Scorpion
13. Head Hunter
14. Rock Li
15. Cunning Huren
16. Dauntless Dai
17. Master Duan
18. Blue Walong
19. Orphan Ding
20. Virtuous Society Master
21. Elbow Mu
22. Weeping Bride
23. Minister Hungry Head
24. Imperial Minister
25. Lady Walong
26. Princess Golden Pin
27. Abbot Mu

28. Villager (Male)
29. Villager (Female)
30. Not So Pretty Fang
31. Old Fang
32. The Bronze Man
33. Bannerman
34. Hookfist Student
35. Iron Claw Fighter
36. Possessed Guards
37. Sharp Axe Gang Thug
38. Thunder Lau
39. Rockslide Bandit
40. White Banner Soldier
41. Lightning Lau
42. Giggling Ghost
43. Swimming Corpse
44. Masked Assassin
45. Hungry Tree Head
46. Imp
47. Undead Bannerman
48. Convict Ghost
49. Thread Corpse
50. Tiger Tan
51. Gallant Guan
52. Bannerman Flag-Bearer
53. Yamma King
54. Dragon Zhi

** The Figure Flats are the digital version of the Pawns and are included with the purchase of the Legend of Ghost Mountain Pawns physical product. **

This item requires the Legend of Ghost Mountain roleplaying game core book and the Savage Worlds core rules to play.