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Lost Colony: Banshee Screams


The Tunnel has collapsed, trapping the human colony on Banshee and severing their only link back to Earth. Cut off from home, low on supplies, and surrounded by hostile anouks—the “Lost Colony” wages a desperate war for survival.

Things only get worse when the savage anouks turn to ancient and arcane allies—the emaciated sorcerers called “skinnies.” These lich-like creatures summon up a natural disaster called the World Storm to bury their human enemies. Entire settlements are battered into rubble or buried beneath desert sands as powerful wind storms scour the planet’s surface clean. The dazed survivors dig themselves free only to face charging anouk warriors and even more sinister things created by the skinnies’ dark magic.

But somehow, humanity survived. For now. One of those survivors is Debbi Dallas, a rookie Colonial Ranger in the town of Temptation. As a new peace officer in the rough and tumble frontier town, she stumbles upon evidence of a dark conspiracy that may finish off the colonists once and for all. The trail her investigation takes pulls her into the center of a mad free-for-all for control of Banshee between the struggling colonists, savage anouks, greedy bandit lords, and an ancient evil from the distant past. Banshee Screams is a grand introduction to the world of Lost Colony, written by Clay and Susan Griffith, authors of numerous Tick comics by New England Press!


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