Necessary Evil: Thicker Than Water


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Thicker Than Water

Clint Black


As the Iron Skull, Oscar Baer leads the Graveyard Shift, one of Star City’s most successful supervillain teams. Dr. Destruction has tasked their resistance cell with the first bank heist since the alien v’sori took over the Earth. Is it truly a cash grab or a distraction for something more important? And what will happen when Oscar’s past comes back to haunt him and he has to decide if blood is truly thicker than water.


Necessary Evil: The Fate of the world lies with the scum of the earth! This short fiction takes place in Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s world of Necessary Evil, a roleplaying game setting for its Savage Worlds line. An alien invasion has wiped out most of the world’s super heroes, leaving only the super villains to save the earth.


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