This file contains 18 useful friends and foes for GMs to use in the town of Pinebox. Each 3.5″ by 5″ card has art on one side and the most important statistics on the reverse.


  • All Consuming Organism
  • Berserkid
  • Blood Demon
  • Doberman Pincher
  • Ghoul
  • Inferno Demon
  • Leto
  • Leto-3000
  • Longhorn Minotaur
  • Molten Menace
  • Power Brain
  • Rake
  • Robo-Jenson
  • Shadow Doctor
  • Spider Amanda
  • Vygor
  • WereCoyote
  • Yellow Woman

This item requires the Pinebox Middle School roleplaying game core book and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules to play.