Bring more Fast! Furious! Fun! to your Rifts® for Savage Worlds virtual tabletop!

We know many Game Masters use a virtual tabletop to find gaming friends across the globe or even to manage combat at a physical game table from their laptop. Our Do-It-Yourself Virtual TableTop products allow you to play using any platform of your choice!

This product includes our Rifts® for Savage Worlds Archetype Dossiers Set 1, formatted as individual graphics for use on your virtual tabletop platform of choice. Includes our existing 12 archetypes from PDF Set 1 and Set 2 in a new “dossier” format, adding SIX more ready-to-play Atlantis-themed heroes to choose from

You will need Rifts® for Savage Worlds to use this product in addition to your desired VTT of choice.

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