Rifts® for Savage Worlds North America: Terror on the Dark Frontier Boxed Set (Print or PDF)


PDF only variant of this product includes all PDFs and Figure Flats listed in the Boxed Set.


The first EVER campaign boxed set for Rifts® is now at your fingertips!

The boxed set includes:

  • Campaign Book (90-page softcover + PDF)
  • Creature Manual (26-page softcover + PDF)
  • Player’s Handbook (18-page softcover +PDF)
  • Region Guide (86-page softcover + PDF)
  • Pawns (8 pages: 37 unique, 77 total)
    • Figure Flats PDF (12 pages: 36 unique figures, 82 total)
  • Map Pack (4 battle maps: Frontier Town, Ziggurat, Simvan Camp, Station 13 Alpha in print + Map Pack PDF)
  • Gear Cards (10 cards in print + PDF)

Campaign Book

The Terror on the Dark Frontier Campaign Book contains the plot points that make up the campaign along with a number of additional Savage Tales. You can run these standalone stories whenever you choose to add diversions to break up the campaign.

Creature Manual

The Terror on the Dark Frontier Creature Manual collects in one convenient reference the most common denizens your Legionnaires will encounter, along with
some important allies to aid them in their adventures.

Player’s Handbook

The Terror on the Dark Frontier Player’s Book offers a simple introduction to your Legionnaires to explain the important people and places they are about to discover, setting the scene for them to explore the area and discover the secrets of the Dark Frontier.

Region Guide

The Terror on the Dark Frontier Region Guide provides a detailed background to the region in which this epic tale is set. Here you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the area in which the campaign takes place.

Pawns & Figure Flats

Crawling out of the Dark Frontier, these thick, cardboard, INDIVIDUALLY die-cut characters with front AND back art are ready for you to pop out and play the moment they arrive at your table! With eight pages (including 38 unique characters, 49 total) of pawns, the frontier has never felt more dangerous!

The figure flats are the digital version of the pawns set up for at-home printing to make trifold character tokens. With 12 pages (37 unique characters as the walker can’t fit on a trifold, 82 total), the figure flats are a great way to supplement your pawns for especially large encounters.

Map Pack

A set of four large, 30″ x 24″ maps marked with a light one-inch grid, perfect for use with Savage Worlds pawns. Includes a Frontier Town, Ziggurat, Simvan Camp, and Station 13 Alpha.

Gear Cards

Ten gear cards round out the boxed set, with five unique items to help the legionnaires defeat their foes and survive the Dark Frontier.

Rifts® and Megaverse® are Registered Trademarks of Palladium Books, Inc. All character names and likenesses are copyright and trademarks owned by Palladium Books, Inc. and used under license.

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