Everybody knows there are no such things as monsters…

…You know better.

You are a Ripper—one of a secret band of monster hunters dedicated to saving humanity—and the horrors that stalk the night are your prey. To aid in this struggle, Rippers extract the essence of these monsters’ powers and use them to enhance their own abilities. But be warned, by taking such horrific measures you risk losing your mind—or worse. Torn between the need for greater power and the threat of terrifying insanity, you must choose how best to fight the creatures of the night. Choose well, for if the Rippers fail humanity is lost!

This is a zip download including the following products from the original Rippers setting:


Rippers Player’s Guide

Rippers Companion

Rippers: Death on Dartmoor adventure

Rippers: The Black Ankh adventure

Rippers: The Laughter of Death adventure

Rippers: The Night of Thoth adventure

Rippers: The Templar Legacy adventure

Rippers: The Third Hand adventure

Rippers Figure Flats

and Rippers: the Horror Wars, a Savage Worlds Miniatures Game (for use with Savage Worlds Showdown rules)

Also included is the free conversion sheet so you can play the original Rippers material with the new Rippers Resurrected setting!