Dark Times call for Superheroes…

Injustice, terrorism, and violent crime are on the rise. Our cities are battlegrounds, our suburbs are no longer safe. Who will step up and be counted? Who will bring hope to a world on the edge of despair?

We thought it would be you…

Gear up and assemble your team. You’re in for one Hell of a fight!

S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying for 5th Edition is a 286 page guide loaded with exciting new content that brings all the action from comics and movies to your 5E game. We’ve got all you need to create, equip, and play the superhero of your dreams. Whether you’re a lone vigilante, a cosmic powerhouse, or the mother-of-all street fighters S5E has you covered. We’re offering more content, more choices, more backgrounds.

Climb onboard!

World ain’t getting no better while you wait.

Our step-by-step guide walks you through the process of creating your superhero. We go deep, enabling access to superheroic ancestries, cultures and bloodlines. Are you an alien raised on earth? Or an earthling raised in space? Are you modified with tech or weaponry? Are you even alive? Robots, non-sentients and gods are welcome here too.

Next pick your superheroic class. What powers and abilities matter to you? Inhuman speed and strength? Do you seek to command the elements, raining hellfire down on your enemies or leveling them with subsonic waves? Or do you lean toward the forces that science cannot explain? Are you an occultist or mentalist? Is your mission in life to heal? Or have you trained your body and mind to the limits of its abilities? Martial art mastery, physical endurance, or the world’s greatest street-smarts can be yours.

Along with all the classics you’ve come to expect, we’re offering new backgrounds and new professions. Journalist, scientist, doctor, pilot or mysterious billionaire: take your pick. And we’re giving you more choices than ever to customize your gear. Everything from kevlar battle suits, night vision goggles and ballistic missiles, all compatible with 5E. Weapons, vehicles, modern armor: S5E has all the usual suspects and some blow-your-mind upgrades. Gear sorted.

And then there are the powers. Each class with superpowers has a customized power list, a bit like a spell list for spell casters in fantasy 5E. There is also a general power list that any of the superpowers heroes can choose from. For example, only the metamorph can stretch their bodies in fantastic ways, but a hero from any class might have the ability to fly.

Many of the powers will be familiar to those who have played 5E, but there are also many more that only a superhero could possess! Transform yourself into living fire, call upon nearby plants to seize your foes, launch a missile salvo at a target, absorb an enemy’s power, swing from webs or grappling hooks, and so many more iconic powers. Choose your powers to make your unique hero!

With S5E, you can have the superheoric adventures you love from comics, film, and TV, with the system you know and love.