A midnight stopover at a lonely highway rest area turns into a nightmare in Final Rest Stop!
From legendary Savage Worlds author John Goff comes a terrifying new scenario! A crew of teen athletes on their way back from a track meet make a late-night pit stop at an isolated Wyoming rest area — only to discover that what lurks there has no intentions of ever letting them leave…

Savage Saturday Cinema

Designed for a single session of play, Savage Saturday Cinema adventures are self-contained, easy to run, and come with a complement of fully pregenerated characters. All you need to play is this adventure, some dice, a card deck, and a copy of the Savage Worlds rules.

A free Test Drive of the Savage Worlds rules is available on our website at, along with character sheets and other useful tools.

While it isn’t required, we also recommend using the Savage Worlds Horror Companion to get the most out of Final Rest Stop.