“Evenin’, friends. No time for small talk, I’m afraid. The weather’s miserable and we need to get started right away. Storms started a week ago and ain’t let up since.”

Thunder on the Mountain, by Deadlands creator Shane Lacy Hensley, is designed for four to six Novice cowpokes who appreciate a good mix of roleplaying, investigation, and action. It’s well-suited for short sessions such as store demos or conventions where a Marshal has about three hours or so to torment a bunch total strangers for her own personal enjoyment. Yahoo!
While it isn’t required, we recommend the Deadlands Setting Book to get the most out of this scenario.

Savage Saturday Cinema

Designed for a single session of play, Savage Saturday Cinema adventures are self-contained, easy to run, and come with a complement of fully pregenerated characters. All you need to play is this adventure, some dice, a card deck, and a copy of the Savage Worlds rules.

A free Test Drive of the Savage Worlds rules is available on our website at, along with character sheets and other useful tools.