The Voronezh Incident is a pulpy, campy “spy-fi” action adventure set in the Cold War era of the early 1960s, in the vein of Jonny Quest or the Venture Brothers. The heroes are members of a team of super scientists, moderately well known as global problem solvers. They are called to investigate a report of mutated, oversized creatures plaguing a town in rural Soviet Union.

Welcome to Savage Saturday Cinema, Pinnacle’s line of short adventures for Savage Worlds. These scenarios are intended for a single session of play, whether at home, at a convention, or even a pick-up game at your friendly local gaming store. They can stand on their own as a complete adventure, or Game Masters may work them into ongoing campaigns as a one-off or side quest. Each adventure comes with pregenerated characters so you can get right into the action. All you need to play is this adventure, some dice, a card deck, and a copy of Savage Worlds. A free Test Drive of the Savage Worlds rules is available HERE, along with character sheets and other useful tools and accessories.