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The Science Fiction Companion can handle ANY type of sci-fi setting, and to show it off, we’ve created a set of iconic adventures inspired by some of our favorite genres. In this hardcover book, you’ll find:

The Captain is Dead: An experimental spaceship makes a historic dive into a gas giant’s upper atmosphere. Some very unwelcome visitors prove that unexpected life can exist in such a hazardous place, and now the claustrophobic halls are deadlier than ever. With catastrophes erupting everywhere, key crew members dead, and any kind of help far out of reach, can the remaining crew survive? Horror and desperation in a grimy near-future, written by Donald Schepis (Tales of the Doom Guard, ETU: Study Abroad). (Inspired by films like Aliens™.)

Emergency Evac: Red’s Raptors are a hardened group of mercenaries who risk life and limb piloting their gigantic war-walkers in the devastated battlefields of the future, but this is no ordinary mission. With their ship destroyed in a sneak attack, the band must face the terrifying creatures infesting an alien world and rivals bent on their destruction with only their wits, grit, and powerful war-machines to aid them. A tale of futuristic military survival by JM DeFoggi (Savage Universe, The Return of Dr. Destruction). (Inspired by games like Battletech™.) The

Queen’s Gambit: A daring crew of noble do-gooders have one chance to cripple the corrupt Star Syndicate. One of the powerful crime-lords of the syndicate has fallen, and his lieutenants are scrambling to seize as much of his wealth and power as they can. One of them has loaded the freighter Rogue Queen with precious loot, and it’s up to the heroes to capture that ship and turn those riches against the syndicate before it’s too late! A swashbuckling space-opera by John Stevens (RIFTs® for Savage Worlds, Terror on the Dark Frontier). (Inspired by films like Star Wars™.)

Going Viral: It was supposed to be a simple job, but that was before one of your own became the newest victim of the “crazer” trend, viral videos of seemingly random people snapping without warning. Now you’re on the run through the neon-bathed mean streets, trapped between riots, rival gangs, and corrupt cops, doing everything you can to avoid the same fate. A gritty story of the dark near future by Brian Reeves (Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, Deadlands: The Abominable Northwest). (Inspired by films like Bladerunner™ and games like Cyberpunk™ and Shadowrun™.)

Chariots of Darkness and Light: The crew of an advanced exploration starship face a strange dilemma. An exo-planet on the fringes of known space supports life where none should be able to exist, but that civilization is on the verge of destruction. Can the crew unlock the planet’s secrets before its inhabitants destroy themselves—and before deadly enemies from the stars can finish the job? A space-bound allegory by Darrell Hayhurst (Legend of Ghost Mountain, Necessary Evil: Cosmic Crisis). (Inspired by series like Star Trek™.)

Blood from a Stone: In the distant future, a team of investigators dispatched by a temporary and treacherous alliance of powerful factions must uncover the dark secrets of the most important world in known space: Krag. Krag is the only source of the vital commodity that powers technology indistinguishable from magic, and production has suddenly stopped. Restore the flow and save Krag (and the universe)! A sweeping epic of the year XKXKI by Christopher Landauer (Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water). (Inspired by books and films like The Expanse™ and Dune™.)

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