Calling All Explorers!

Whether you’re a college student going to the movies, a brainwashed superninja, or off to explore known worlds for JumpCorp—savage settings need intrepid explorers!

Infinite Worlds of Adventure

Savage Worlds Explorer is a continuing series featuring Savage Tales from all our settings written by new authors and industry veterans. This installment features tales by John Goff, Kenneth Mahan, Matt Hoadley, and David Garrett, plus a sneak peek at the Hawkman from the upcoming Flash Gordon™ RPG!

Weird War II: Mein Hirs by John Goff

During the Battle of the Bulge, the heroes are assigned to man a roadblock at a bridge crossing the Aisne River. What do the reports of ancient standing stones and menhirs mean for our heroes—or their foes?

Flash Gordon™ RPG Hawkman Preview by Scott Woodard

Pennants flying, lances held in readiness, a squadron of savage hawkmen hurtles from the skies! Stat blocks for a sample Hawkman and Prince Vultan!

East Texas University: Children of the Mill by Kenneth Mahan

Your students take a short cut on the way back to campus one evening, and find themselves in a lumber mill town out of time…

Weird Wars Rome: Corruption in Dalmatia by Matt Hoadley

In the province of Dalmatia, rumors spread of monsters moving across the land. Merchants report curious weather patterns over the provincial capital of Salona, a growing change in the population of the city, and the sudden odd behavior of the provincial governor Septimius Flavius Gallus. Will your cohort survive the ensuing horror?

Creature Feature: Life-in-Death by David Garrett

Adventure seeds and details on the Queen of the Land of Nod, suitable for use in variety of horror genres!

The Savage Worlds Explorer requires a copy of Savage Worlds core rules and may require the core books for the setting, such as Deadlands Player’s Guide and Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Add dice, a deck of cards, and explorers, and let the fun begin!

Meet Our Authors:

David Garrett retired from the US Air Force and currently lives in Colorado. He has been a table top RPGer since the early ’80s. David is a horror author and maintains a blog dedicated to horror writing and game design. Since retiring in 2016, he has been an active member of the Rocky Mountain Savages community.

John “Night Train” Goff is one of Pinnacle’s most prolific award-winning writers, with publishing credits for Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and ReloadedDeadlands NoirThe Last Parsec, and many, many One Sheets and other adventures.

Matt Hoadley lives in Lubbock, Texas where, in between making episodes of podcasts, he is once again considering going back to school. He has been gaming since he was first introduced to the hobby in middle school. Now, he has a mild obsession with playing warlocks and drawing far too many maps.

Kenneth Mahan lives in the Southwest, where he attends graduate school while teaching special education. He’s been gaming since high school when his first character was turned into a nice stew by kobolds. Whenever possible, Kenneth enjoys creating campaigns for his favorite RPGs and working as a freelance writer.

Scott Woodard  is the author of Pinnacle’s weekly website updates, The Sixth Gun RPG, and the Flash Gordon™ RPG. He has also worked a variety of odd jobs, including practical special effects fabricator and puppeteer for the film industry, TV and radio promo producer, voice actor, author, playwright, and podcaster, winning several industry awards along the way.