My character is Bound and Distracted. …What does that mean, exactly?

Track the status of characters, Extras, and villains in the best-selling Savage Worlds roleplaying game! Included are cards for:

  • 12 x Shaken
  • 11 x Wounded
  • 11 x Fatigue
  • 5 x Distracted
  • 5 x Vulnerable
  • 2 x Entangled
  • 2 x Bound
  • 2 x Stunned
  • 2 x Hold
  • 1 x Aim
  • 1 x Defend

You will also receive a PDF copy of the Status Tokens with this download. Updated to the 5th printing of SWADE!

For use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (#SWADE). You may also be interested in the Savage Worlds Power Cards or Savage Worlds Adventure Deck.