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This 300+ page hardcover book updates the original Science Fiction Companion to be completely compatible with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

• New CHARACTER ancestries, options, Edges, and Hindrances for everything from star-spanning humans to most any alien creature you can imagine.

• Customizable AND premade suits of power armor, starships, and vehicles of all sorts. You can make anything from the Mercury capsule to world-wrecking behemoths!

• Pages of new and updated GEAR to help you run the dystopian streets or exotic planets, and a MASSIVE arsenal of weapons and armor!

• An all-new EVENT BASED system for quickly and easily running chases, dogfights, or vehicular shootouts!

• Narrative Outpost rules, the sci-fi take on the narrative system first introduced in the Super Powers Companion! Build a unique base for your party in the heart of a dying star, the drifting ruins of a space hulk, or the penthouse of a crowded industrial city.

• New SETTING RULES for everything from netrunning to starship combat to transhumanism AND a whole new simplified system for handling massive vehicular weapons and vehicular armor we call HEAVY METAL!!!

• Brand new arcane backgrounds, psionic abilities, and even psychically powered weapons!

• A HUGE bestiary of scoundrels, xenos, monsters, and evil empires to challenge!

• Dozens of strange and alien artifacts to discover!

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