Skinwalker (Savaged Edition)


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Most folks around Pinebox, Texas are excited that the Green Mark Corporation is moving in. With the timber company comes jobs–jobs that are most welcome in this rural community. But not everyone is happy. When Green Mark employees start turning up dead, the small community acts shocked—at least until some of the supposed victims are spotted alive and well. Were there actually any murders at all, and if so… why were the victims missing their skins?

Skinwalker takes the heroes on an investigation into the strange, supernatural murders in and around Pinebox, Texas. Can the heroes track down a murderer who can look like anyone, or will they be his next victims… and his next set of identities?

Skinwalker is a modern horror adventure for four heroes of Novice to Seasoned rank. Because combat is secondary to the unfolding mystery, game masters should find it easy to scale the adventure for any party. This adventure is highly non-linear. While a few events are keyed to a particular time of day, in Skinwalker the players and GM have great influence on determining the outcome. Each time you run the adventure for a new group, it may play very differently!

Skinwalker is the second adventure to integrate 12 to Midnight’s Fear Effects rules right into module. Each encounter eliminates the guesswork by clearly identifying the appropriate Horror level (minor spook, medium shock, great fright). While Fear Effects isn’t required to run the adventure, it does add to the fun!

Skinwalker includes:

  • 65 pages plus cover, title page, and info page.
  • 4 GM maps
  • 2 player handouts
  • Fear Effects-friendly

PDF includes printer-friendly version.

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