When an strange auto accident leads to a murder investigation, it’s up to the heroes to uncover the true culprit. What is the connection between a college student and the stranger’s van in which he was found? Was there someone else on that lonely stretch of highway? As the heroes follow the clues, they’d better watch their step. They are not the only hunters in Pinebox.

The Beast Within is a modern horror adventure designed for four novice heroes and using the Savage Worlds game system. This adventure features equal parts investigation and deadly action, and is an excellent way to kick off your campaign in our setting–Pinebox, Texas.

As a bonus, The Beast Within integrates our Fear Effects rules right into module. Each encounter eliminates the guesswork by clearly identifying the appropriate Horror level (minor spook, medium shock, great fright). Don’t worry though, while Fear Effects isn’t required to run the adventure, it does add to the fun!

The Beast Within includes the following:

  • 73 pages
  • 5 maps
  • 5 player handouts
  • 2 new creatures
  • Fear Effectsfriendly
  • Printer-friendly version included