“The Covenant of Six” Short Story (PDF/eBook)


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Earth lies in the shadow of Umbral, an ancient sorcerer king from the Isle of Mu, responsible for the fall of Atlantis and countless evils down through the ages as he attempts to wrest his way back from the shadow realm, regain his three books of eldritch power, and reclaim his rightful throne as earth’s ruler. Earth’s slim hope resides in an ancient prophecy by Omar Khayam, listing the Covenant of the Six who will oppose the Umbral King: The Magus, revealed as Mehdi Golshani, Iranian academic turned international sorcerer; Blaze, Chinese pilot turned flying pyrokinetic; Impact, police enforcer from an extradimensional hellscape; Runewarden, blademaster and ambassador for Atlantis; Velocity, speedster from Australia; and Gearhead, boy genius and gadgeteer from Providence, Rhode Island, who uncovers further mysteries in ciphers left by Edgar Allan Poe.

But aiding Umbral is his Ring of Shadows, the Umbral King’s minions, ranging from ruthless villains to unwitting pawns: Seeress, a stockbroker with the true power of prophecy; Bestia, deadly shapeshifter from South Africa who has become Blaze’s best friend; El Luchador, Mexican wrestling hero determined to send Impact back to the Hell she sprang from; Strobe—singer, songwriter, international superpowered celebrity—with his light empowered by Umbral’s darkness, sent to dazzle Velocity; and Silhouette, girl investigator, secret super, and Gearhead’s classmate, recruited by her own animated shadow to investigate Providence’s other secret super.

The Covenant of Six vies with the Ring of Shadows for the fate of the world.

“The Covenant of Six” is a 12-part story (over 150 pages!) by award-winning author Kevin Andrew Murphy (George R. R. Martin’s Wildcards) in PDF format.


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