You’ll not only get the book in Limited Edition hardcover, GM Screen, Bennies, and ALL the PDFs immediately upon checkout, but you’ll get a 20% discount for ordering the whole kit ‘n kaboodle!

Join the Goon’s crime syndicate—or play as Goon, Franky, and the rest of their crew—and fight off the rival gangs what’s encroachin’ on your turf, while you collect on Goon’s debts and whatnot. You might also succeed at fighting off the tide of bleak suffering that’s set to consume yer soul. Then again you might not!

This game requires the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition core rules to play, which is not included in this bundle. You can even check out our SWD to SWADE conversion guide for The Goon™ HERE to play with the latest rules!


  • The Goon™ RPG Limited Edition Hardcover Core Rules
  • The Goon™ RPG GM Screen + The Great Bollaire Street Party Adventure
  • The Goon™ RPG Bennies (Set of 20)
  • The Goon™ RPG Archetypes (PDF)
  • The Goon™ RPG Creature Cards (PDF)

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