There Will Come A Reckoning!

The Sioux have reclaimed the Dakotas. California has fallen into the sea, leaving a “Great Maze” of towering sea-canyons in its wake. Abominations stalk the Deadlands, and the dead walk among us. The Reckoning has begun.

Into this dangerous world come a new breed of heroes. Deadly gunfighters prowl the High Plains, wise shaman talk to the spirits, hex-slinging hucksters deal with demons and mad scientists create infernal devices of steam and steel with a new superfuel called ghost rock. This is the world of Deadlands™ Welcome to the Weird West™.

In this final volume of the Anthology with No Name, you’ll find eleven more twisted tales, including the conclusion to “Hate” and “Head Games”, by Deadlands creators Shane Lacy Hensley and Matt Forbeck. You’ll also find out why no good deed goes unpunished by Dark Sun® creator Tim Brown, then take a trip into Hell itself with Deadlands designer John R. Hopler!

“Forward” by Bruce Campbell
“Welcome to the Weird West” introduction to the world.
“Hate: Part Three” by Shane Lacy Hensley
“Talking Heads” by Matt Forbeck
“Out of the Frying Pan” by John R. Hopler
“Dead to Rights” by Phillipe R. Boulle
“Playing the Game” by Don DeBrandt
“The Snipe Hunt” by Clay & Susan Griffith
“Harmony Gap Has a Bad Day” by Angel Leight McCoy
“No Good Deed” by Tim Brown
“In Search of Mr. Beaseley” by John R. Phythyon
“Boneyard Train” by Lisa Smedman
“From a Fever” by Shane Lacy Hensley